what it takes to become a highroller casino client

Australian High Roller Casinos

A high roller is a term used in the casino mainly for players who bet large amounts of money while playing their favorite casino game. If you’re a high roller player they’ll give you just that little bit more attention than any other player. You’ll receive a little extra than a normal player. You have to think of other types of bonuses to lure you to a poker table or other attractive casino games.

Many highroller players are looking for an online safe environment that allows them to play different types of games. Furthermore, they want to be able to return quickly when they’ve been playing for a while, or to have quick payouts if they ask for them and then have the bonuses they receive personalized. You can only be a highroller player if you can make high bets. You will therefore never encounter a highroller player in a casino that has low bets.

We have compiled a list of requirements necessary to qualify as an online casino for a highroller casino. We have paid attention to the level of bets, they offer loyalty bonuses, exceptional member assistance and but not least, an attractive option for the player to bet large amounts of money at different tables. All the casinos we discuss meet these requirements.

What is a High Roller?

A High Roller is a gambler who consistently bets large amounts of money. Previously, High Rollers were not lured with attractive welcome bonuses but received from Land-Based casinos such as limousine transport or a private jet. In addition, they could use most luxurious suites free of charge. The definition of High Roller can also vary enormously. Especially now that there are also online casinos. At Land-Based Casinos, High-Rollers bring an average of between $50.000,- and $300.000,- with them. In Macau the limit is $500.000,-. In online casinos, however, there is no limit on how much you want to take to a table. There are often separate High-Roller Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat tables where there is only a limit on what you bet per turn. This varies from $5.000,- to $20.000,-.

How to choose a High Roller Casino

high roller casinos

First of all, we would like to say that you should not gamble with money you don’t have or with money you need. A High Roller is someone who can bet high and actually miss the money. But how do you choose a High Roller Casino? Like High Roller should be able to miss his or her money, an online casino should also be able to do so. It is therefore important that the online casino where you want to play as a High Roller is financially stable. If you win a large amount of money, you’ll want to be able to receive it. In addition, an online casino often has a limit on the amount of money that can be paid out per month. It is not the intention that when you have won $100.000,- you can only pay out $7.000,- per month. We understand that it is difficult to choose your own High Roller Casino and that’s why we have already made a list for you with the following points in mind:

The online casino has financial firepower and can actually pay out the large amounts of money.
The online casino has a great VIP/loyalty program.
The limit on the monthly payout amount is $50,000 or more.

Casino games for a High Roller

A big player won’t see you playing a slot machine or video slot (almost). Because of the huge stakes, High Rollers usually play on Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps or Poker because of their house advantage. The house edge on these casino games is a lot lower than on slot machines and video slots. Online casinos and game providers also join in. Game providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Playtech have developed special tables for High Rollers. The tables are usually only available in the live casino of the internet casino where you want to play. Up to $75,000 per turn can be wagered on NetEnt table games, which is many times higher at Evolution Gaming. High Rollers can bet up to $500.000,- per turn. However, this does not mean that every High Roller Casino with the Evolution Gaming software can do this. It is up to the casinos to set the limit.

Loyalty Programs at High Roller Casinos

As High Rollers in Land-Based Casinos can enjoy various privileges, this is also possible on the Internet. The High Roller Casinos listed in this article are also selected on loyalty programs. These online casinos allow you to earn points. This allows the player to get higher in the loyalty program -also referred to as the VIP program- where the player can enjoy several benefits. Here are a few of the benefits:

Benefit from Loyalty Rewards

One of the biggest advantages of a highroller player is that most casinos immediately add these players to their loyalty rewards club in order to give these players a number of fun benefits in the offing. Loyalty or VIP Club benefits are normally rewarded using a points system. The player accumulates points that you can eventually exchange for money, bonuses or other benefits that the casino offers you. VIP members have another advantage, which is that they have access to a personal VIP manager, personalized bonus, other VIP promotions, exclusive tournaments, birthday bonuses, anniversary bonuses, regular bonuses. These are just a few examples of the many benefits this program offers you.

High Roller VIP

  • The player gets a higher monthly cashback.
  • The player gets a personal account manager.
  • The player receives a personal offer (bonus, vacation etc) from his or her personal account manager.
  • The player receives a special birthday bonus.
  • The player can participate in VIP tournaments.
  • The casino pays out faster.
  • The player gets credit to play free casino games.

All of the above is just a small selection that you can get as an advantage as a High Roller at an online casino. This does not mean that every High Roller Casino has these advantages. It may therefore differ from the actual privileges given by the casino to the big players.

How a VIP Program Works

If you decide to participate in a VIP program at the online casino that you have selected, you will have to comply with a number of conditions that the casino requires.

These conditions will be different for each (online) casino and it will play a role in your decision if you are actually a highroller player and you will receive a bonus for this.

Many casinos then only look at the way you’re playing, so your playing behavior. Based on this, they will invite you to join the VIP program.

There are casinos that use a different system, also called a level system. Such a system means that the higher you get on a certain level, the higher your highroller bonuses will be. A highroller bonus is not the same as being a member of a VIP program. Both bring a lot of advantages for you as a player, but if you participate in the VIP program, you also have a lot of private fees. So, as a VIP player, you’ll have an account manager available 24/7 who can answer all your questions and explain to you exactly what the private fees for that particular casino will be.

Invitation to become a VIP player

It’s not a hard requirement of the casino that you have to deposit a large amount of money into your account in order to participate in the VIP program or to receive an invitation. It is difficult, but not impossible, to get a lot of winnings from a small wager, and if you then meet the other conditions they set, you may be noticed claiming a higher level and still qualify for a high roller bonus. So it’s quite possible to have a chance with any budget, one can take a bit longer than the other. Another way to qualify is that you don’t deposit a large amount of money at once, but if you regularly deposit an amount of money, you can also be rewarded for this in the form of a highroller bonus. This is completely independent of your playing behaviour and your performance.

VIP Points

The amount of points you receive depends on how high your bet is. So the more you bet, the more VIP points you receive. These VIP points can be used as free money to play a casino game. The VIP points will never disappear and will always be money, you can always exchange them if you want to play with ‘free’ money. You even receive VIP points where you use your bonus money. It is logical that you can only be a VIP member if you have access to an account. In this personal account you can clearly see how many VIP points you have at that moment. You can then easily redeem these VIP points and immediately see what you can get in return.

High Roller Casino Bonuses Benefits

The casinos we have mentioned give away high roller bonuses for players who deposit more money than other players because they want to gamble with high amounts. Online casinos that target these players offer customized bonuses for highrollers and any VIP players. A highroller bonus often only appears when you make a high value deposit, the bonus means that a free percentage bonus is added to the deposit. What these deposit requirements are, in turn, depends on which casino you’re playing in. If you receive a higher bonus (after ratio) then the deposit amount is also higher normally it will take effect if you deposit an amount of $1,000 or higher.

Like all other bonuses you may receive from the casino, such as the cashback bonus, welcome bonus, no-deposit bonus, it’s always wiser to read the fine print (terms). Important factors to consider are whether the bonus, or the bonus & deposit is subject to betting, playthrough requirements, or win capping, the time limit set for the bet, and the percentage of different game types that contribute to the wagering requirements.

Accredited High Roller Casinos

So you can be sure that these High Roller Casinos have a good financial basis and a reasonable limit on the monthly payout amount. Of course it is also important that you play at a 100% safe and reliable online casino and therefore you can be sure that our accredited High Roller Casinos meet the following criteria:

  • The casino has a valid license to offer online casino games.
  • All transactions and data such as personal data are encrypted with SSL encryption.
  • Personal data will not be sold to third parties.
  • For payouts you need to verify your account. This can usually be done by means of a copy of your ID or passport, proof of address (by means of a copy of your energy bill or a copy of a letter from the tax authorities) and a copy of your bank statement and/or credit card.
  • All servers, databases, software and hardware are protected by a firewall and have the latest updates.
  • All casino games are tested for fairness by third parties.

Conclusion: Highroller Casinos Offer so Much More

In addition to giving various bonuses to players who want to spend a lot, the online caisno’s have refined the art of taking care of all VIP/high rollers-needs. The casinos know the potential of income and the value of personal referrals. They have a separate team ready for these players who are professionally trained and focused on you to meet the requirements that you would like to see in an online casino. The bottom line is that as a highroller player, you’re just pampered.