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The Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) serves the faculty, students and staff of the 1000+ interdisciplinary environmental programs in North America and around the world. We seek to strengthen teaching, research and service in environmental studies and sciences, and to improve
communication across boundaries that too often divide the traditional academic disciplines. The Association facilitates the professional development of Association members not just as individuals but also to advance Environmental Studies and Sciences as a whole.


Opening Keynote for AESS 2014 Conference: Welcome to the Anthropocene
 "Paths to a 'Good' Anthropocene"
Presented by Andrew Revkin



Thanks to all our attendees for joining us at:

2014 AESS Conference: "Welcome to the Anthropocene"
was held at PACE University in New York City, NY
on June 11-14, 2014 .


 »»  AESS digital brochure now available. Click here or on the image below to download.

 »»   Second of the AESS Webinar Series!

The Role of Carbon Pricing and Other Approaches to Address Climate Change


Presented by Dallas Burtraw (Resources for the Future), John "Skip" Laitner (American Council for and Energy Efficient Economy), and Hosted by Wil Burns (President of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences)


 »»   First of the AESS Webinar Series!

Social Costs of Carbon and President Obama's Climate Action Plan


Presenter: Laurie Johnson, Chief Economist, Climate and Clean Air Program, Natural Resources Defense Council

Presentation based on recent JESS Article:
 The Social Costs of Carbon: The Implications of Modernizing our Electrical System

 »»   For archived information on the AESS 2013 Conference, click here - meeting of multidisciplinary professionals who care deeply about the future of our environment. The conference program, agenda, and awards are available here.

AESS's 2014 Conference has been made possible 
by the generous support from the following sponsors:

Diamond Sponsor
  University of Vermont Environmental Program 

Platinum Sponsors
  Pace University Academy for Applied Environmental Studies 
   Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 

Gold Sponsors
    Bullfrog Films 
    Falk School of Sustainability at Chatham University 
    The Earth Institute, Columbia University
    Pace Institute for Environmental and Regional Studies (PIERS) 

Silver Sponsor
  John Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs 

Bronze Sponsors
   Middlebury School of the Environment 
   Iona College